It's a new year and truly, so much has changed! I've been really busy with all the changes and new routines but I am determined to stop making excuses and get back into this blog routine. I have so many projects to share over the next few weeks but first, a peek into what I'm currently up to.

Reading: Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us Written by four moms, this book is hilarious! I think just about every parent can relate!
Watching: I just started watching season one of The Following on Netflix and so far it has my attention. Ryan Hardy is a former FBI agent hunting down Edgar Allan Poe obsessed serial killer Joe Carroll's cult of followers who do his bidding while he calls the shots behind bars. Season 2 starts in about two weeks so I'm hoping to be all caught up by then!
Listening: I cannot get over these two talented little ladies! I first came across Lennon and Maisy Stella on youtube and I've had this version of The Lumineers' 'Ho, Hey' on repeat.

Doing: Where to begin?! We finally finished our homeschool classroom and it is perfect! We finished up our pre-k curriculum in December and this week marks the official start of homeschool kindergarten! I've been working on a few knitting and crochet projects which I'll share later and I've been focused on building my photo site as well as starting to shoot (finally!) a knitting and crochet series so stay tuned for that!

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