We've had one heck of a couple months around here! The whole month of March we mostly spent in bed, the doctor's office, and the couch. Hubby and I found ourselves running around between the pediatrician's office, our doctor's office, the pharmacy, and the hospital lab.

It started out with all of us getting pretty gnarly colds. Then Hubby got bronchitis and his asthma got really, really bad. He ended up missing about a week and a half of work. Baby M got ear infections in both ears at the same time and was on antibiotics for nearly 20 days. E was doing pretty well after she got over her cold but picked up a tummy bug somewhere and was sick for just about 2 weeks. I got over my cold but it triggered a flare up and just as I was getting over that, I got hit with the flu. That triggered another flare up and I picked up E's tummy bug at the same time.

In the middle of it all, our dog Kiwi passed away. She had been sick for quite a while and we knew it was coming, but it was still so awful. That left March with the title of "worst month ever."
April started out hectic as well. We were all more or less recovered by the end of the first week. The second week, my brother was able to visit from Fargo for a whole week and we had so much fun spending time with him! This past weekend my niece and her lovely mama came up to visit us for Easter. All three girls had so much fun hunting eggs and running around the yard.

I had to put my etsy shop in vacation mode because there was just no way I'd be able to keep up even with just a few orders. Now that things have calmed down and we are all feeling better I'll be opening the shop back up and stocking it with more bows and some new items I've been working on. I'll also be able to update this here blog a little more often and finally, finally start posting videos of the crochet learning series I've been working on!

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