Last year we decided that we would homeschool our girls. Over the summer we got to work turning our spare bedroom into a classroom. I'll share pictures of it once I find the time to clean up in there! We keep all of our supplies, workbooks, reading material, paints and a whole lot more in there and we love it! It's a great space dedicated to their learning but they like being in there even when they are just hanging out.

Initially I wanted to get them some beanbags or beanbag chairs so they'd have a nice cushy place to sit while reading but quickly realized the space was too small for that. I opted instead to turn some old over-sized throw pillows into floor cushions for the girls to sit on.

The covers were not removable, so I had to cut the pillows out which was really easy. Then I crocheted covers using acrylic yarn in our color scheme. The covers came together very easily and didn't take long to make at all. The cushions are soft and fluffy and I can also wash and dry them at home. They've already gotten a lot of use and I'm thinking of making some that are bigger. I've been eyeing these giant 26" cushions from ikea, but am still looking for a chunky acrylic that comes in the colors we need.

Once I find what I'm looking for I'll hopefully find the time between alphabet songs and subtraction exercises to make some more of these!

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