Hi there and thanks for visiting! I'm a twenty-nine year old stay at home mom and wife. I have two beautiful little girls. Life is often hectic but I enjoy it just the same. When I can find an extra minute or two I love creating.

I run an etsy shop where I sell some handmade goods. Right now it’s a hobby but I hope to be able to expand in the future. I try to use upcycled materials as much as possible when creating things for myself and my shop. I love the idea of giving old, unwanted things a new life...and the bonus is I have nothing to throw away!

I also recently decided to take the plunge and start a lifestyle photography business. I've wanted to be a photographer since I was a child and I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter.

I started this blog so I could have another creative outlet because I love expressing myself. The blog is dedicated to my crafty adventures, handmade cuteness from all over the place, a few tutorials, and my etsy shop. I include personal posts from time to time and like to throw in different features to mix it up.

Happy reading!